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The Tyranny of a Dream
October 3, 2008, 5:46 am
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Everyone says “Never give up on your dreams.” Or, at least your average film or children’s book will repeat it a few times. It’s a maxim that most of us would support.

“Should you ever give up on your dreams?”

Say it with me now,


Yes, yes, it’s true. You should never give up on your dreams. Especially if you’re a little wooden puppet who dreams of being a real boy, then, yes, yes, by god, you should very definitely not give up. I think we can all agree on that.

However, I gave up on a dream of mine recently and it feels amazing. It’s an extraordinary relief, like I’ve suddenly stopped banging my head against a wall.

Now, I didn’t give up on this dream of my own free will, I have to say. If I’d felt I had a choice, I might have banged my heard against that wall forever – but life said “Hey. That wall is not a door and it’s not going to open right now.” So I stopped pounding on it, despite the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that seemed to shout “How DARE you give up on your dream?!?!”

To keep myself sane, I’d say, “I haven’t given up. I’m just re-strategizing.” But now, here on the other side of the dream (and the ocean) I’m sort of delighted to say I gave up. Yep. I gave up. I surrendered! Yippee!! I’m free from the tyranny of my dream! I can do whatever I want to, now that I’m not expending all my energy trying to achieve the damn dream!

It was a nice dream. But NOT scrambling over gravel and alligator pits and what-not to achieve it is even nicer.

So, hey kids! Give up on your dreams! Let ’em fly! Don’t hold fast to them. Don’t grip them tightly.

I think the thing of it is, it’s like anything you love – and that old maxim of “If you love something, set it free” and maybe that dream will come walking back one day.

Listen to  Luck

This song features the line, “Forget that dream.” so I’m posting it here. However, it was written when I was still fighting the surrender with all my strength, so it’s a pretty different perspective. Same artist, different day.


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