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What I wish American Theatre would learn from the Brits (#2)

#2   Ticket prices

Ticket prices in London can be just as large as New York, it’s true. However, there are a lot more options to see something for less.

Much has been said about the escalating ticket prices here in New York but no one seems to be able to solve it and I figure until we HAVE a National Theatre (see “What I wish American Theatre would learn from the Brits # I’m not even going to bother to write  down since it’s such a pipe dream”) we won’t see it shift too dramatically. I think, though, that we can easily adopt techniques that many a London theatre uses to attract an audience.

Example #1: At the beginning of a run, say in the first 2 weeks when the buzz needs building, ticket prices can be as low as £7 and as the run builds so do the prices. What this meant for me when I was there was that I could afford to see really stellar work that I would never have taken a chance on otherwise.

Example #2: By choosing to sit in the back, I could see MOST theatre in London for £10 last year.

Basically, I want theatre to be cheaper here in NY so I (and my other poor friends) can actually go to it!

What I like about this sort of option is that, as a producer, I could implement this sort of pricing schema if I wanted to. It would actually be in my hands to think about ticket pricing differently. We’ll see if I managed it the next time I do a show!


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