Songs for the Struggling Artist

Open Letter to the Critic in the Front Row
June 30, 2009, 5:15 am
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Why did you choose to sit there? You walked across the space twice with your press packet in front of you like a shield. If I’d been directing that scene in a play, we wouldn’t have needed a spotlight because you pretty much made your own.
You were clearly in a bad mood and maybe you needed a whole room full of people to recognize your importance?
You didn’t look at your program or your press packet for that matter, just scrolled through your very important messages on your very important blackberry as the lights went down.
Surely, you knew how visible you were. As you sat, discontentedly staring at the stage, you must have felt the spill of the lights from the stage on you. When you put your head in your hands, as if you were getting a headache from the experience of watching this show, were you trying to send the performers a message? They noticed you, but what could they do?
And your written lines, spreading out across your notebook, as you sat, making a spectacle of writing, really. I could almost read the words from where I sat, some 30 feet away. You were a counter-play to the play onstage. Did those behind you enjoy it less because you, the taste- maker, decided before you even sat down how much you were planning on NOT enjoying yourself? Was that your intention? To bring the crowd to your point of view?

I’d like to know where you work. I will take the unfavorable review that you are sure to write of my play and I will read it ostentatiously in your office. I will roll my eyes and shake my head and sigh. I will cluck my tongue and circle words I don’t like. You shouldn’t let it bother you, it’s just honest feedback.


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