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Rejection of a Different Color
December 13, 2014, 6:41 pm
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This one’s for a job. I don’t usually apply for gigs that would take me out of NYC but this one sounded great. It was a full time professorship. I was ready to move on out of the city for a full time gig at a kickin’ women’s college near a cool metropolis. I’d have left NYC in a New York minute.

A friend sent me the job notice, noting that it looked like the job description had been written for me. I agreed. This does not happen every day. It seemed like a really good match. And I’m not a shoe in for this sort of thing – but the last time I met with someone about a possible University teaching job, he looked at my CV and said, “Wow. I’m glad you weren’t applying for my job. You’ve got a great CV.”

But I just got the rejection notice. Didn’t even get an interview. I was totally prepared not to GET the job. My sense is that academic jobs are usually tailor made for people the folks at the college already know. That is, they write the job postings for a particular person and then go through the motions of asking for applications. Which, you know, that application was a lot of work! They could save me the trouble! But – in this case I thought – at least an interview, man. I’d like to at least get an interview.

Oh, you MFA! How little use I’ve gotten out of you, you expensive little piece of paper!


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