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Rejection Triple Header
December 18, 2014, 1:00 am
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Oh my patrons! My loveliest patrons on Patreon, especially! Thank you for your support. Without you, I might be sinking into the deep dark rejection hole today. The rejections are coming in thick and fast in the last 24 hours.

Last night, I got a rejection for a writing residency (something I’ve only recently realized I could really use.) Then this morning, I got a rejection for a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts. (I’d applied to develop a play with local community groups.) Then, this afternoon, I got another rejection from the Queens Council – the one previously mentioned here on the blog – and also the one I thought they should really give me.

In middle school, my social studies teacher taught us essay writing with the phrase “Bing, Bang and Bongo” It was a decent tool for writing a five-paragraph paper but it’s a particularly useful phrase for a growing sense of something, of a build. In some of my theatre training, we called it Jo Ha Kyu. It’s like a natural escalation, a progression if you will, of three things that add up to a total experience. Bing. Bang. Bongo.

Bing Bang and Bongo are what can make it hard to keep applying, to keep trying, to fill out yet another on-line form, to give it another shot. And this is also where I start to want to protect you, my supporters. It’s like, I don’t want to put you through it, too. I think it must be hard to keep reading about all these rejections. I want to give you some good news! Maybe an acceptance for a change! But that’s not the way it is. In fact, I haven’t typed up the previous three rejections previous to this one yet.

I mean, yes, there’s a little good news: the article I submitted to a journal was accepted (back in the spring) and was finally published this week. And I am semi-finalist for a program I applied for. It’s not all over yet. I am so grateful for your weathering this rejection storm with me – but I hope it’s not raining on you, too. Do you guys need raincoats?


Post Script:
I finished writing this post this afternoon. This evening a fourth rejection rolled in – this one for a Space grant for the theatre company. Now how am I going to fit this into a Bing Bang Bongo structure? What’s the sound for the 4th thing?!

Bing Bang Bongo

This is lifted from Check it out.


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