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A Forgotten Rejection of two Varieties
July 7, 2015, 9:54 pm
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I received a rejection email from a writer’s development program that I’d forgotten I’d applied to. This happens periodically: I apply to something and immediately forget it, only to be reminded of it many many months later by a rejection notice.

I’m of two minds about these. Sometimes I wish they didn’t even inform me at all – like, if I just submitted and forgot it and got rejected, I would never need to feel the rejection. But then – there’s no way for them to know that I’m not sitting by my inbox with bated breath waiting for their judgment. So of course they have to notify everyone.

Then, too, sometimes I don’t get a notification and that sucks, too. I applied for a Workspace grant through LMCC about a year ago and I was actually very keen on the idea of receiving it. I did, periodically, wonder where the notification might be.
Then, the same day that I got the development program rejection, I also received an email from LMCC talking about how awesome the Workspace grant was and it listed all the people who received it this year – and Surprise! I was not on that list. That was my notification, I guess.

So – here are two completely contradictory rejection experiences all rolled up in one. One – a rejection from a group I wouldn’t have minded not hearing from and one – a non-rejection rejection notice from an organization I was disappointed NOT to have heard from.

I guess the short version of this is that it all sucks – not matter how it shows up or doesn’t.


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