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There are More Rejected than Accepted
March 5, 2016, 11:46 pm
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I belong to several playwright groups. A post went through on one of them that said something like, “Just got my rejection for the Lark!” And a dozen people replied saying either they had or had not yet received theirs yet. I was one of those who had not yet received that particular rejection email and I found it strangely comforting to get the news of its imminent arrival this way. It was a little like a nurse saying, “”You’re going to feel a tiny pinch in a moment,” while he’s preparing your arm for the needle. It’s like a tiny bit of anesthetic for the pain.


It also helps to feel how being rejected in this sort of context is so much more common than being accepted. So many people become a part of the rejected club and the only people who are excluded, the only people who can’t join are the people who actually got accepted.


It’s a nice way to turn that dynamic around. It pays to remember this in terms of numbers. Every time I get rejected, I am accompanied by so many people having exactly the same experience.


For some odd reason, rejections seem to come with a tiny brown paper package of shame – a little visit from the failure fairy. It’s an experience we’re supposed to have in private. But having it publicly helps with that shame piece. Having it collectively helps, too.


There is power in numbers.
In a fight, the rejected would definitely be able to take the accepted in almost every scenario. Then we’d see who the winners are! Ha!

Power to the rejected people!


*Wondering why I’m telling you about all these rejections? Read my initial post about this here and my patron’s idea about that here.

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Rejection is so much more common than acceptance its almost laughable. Even “successful” authors are rejected more often than they are accepted. My personal acceptance ratio hovers around 15%, which means, on average, I get rejected seven times before a story is published (I think that’s right; I do not math well). In reality it’s often more than that, and some of my stories have been rejected over ten times before they finally found a home.

I agree with you, though; one of the best cures for the rejection blues is to remember you are not alone and that rejection is not necessarily a reflection on your ability as a writer. Commiserating with your fellow rejected almost always helps. 😉

Comment by Aeryn Rudel

It does! I think there ought to be, like, rejection salons or something – so when you get rejected, you get to hang out with all the other rejectees and commiserate or drink or whatever. When they send out rejection notices, they should just BCC everyone and then we could go out for a drink together in honor of our togetherness. (Also, I realize that is – in reality – a terrible idea and would never happen – but I like it in theory!)

Comment by erainbowd

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