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What Keeps Me Blogging

When I read an article or hear a talk that speaks directly to or for me, it feels like a relief. Soraya Shemaly’s “10 Words Every Girl Should Learn” made me feel like, “Yes. Thank you. That. I didn’t realize. But THAT. That IS my experience. And yes, all of that context.” Caroline Heldman’s TEDtalk on the Sexy Lie is another example. Before I heard her talk, I was baffled by how to explain the difference between sexual objectification and sexual empowerment. The culture is deeply confused on this point, too. I watched her talk and it all made sense. I suddenly understood what it meant to be a sexual SUBJECT rather than a sexual OBJECT and it blew the doors open. There is a great satisfaction in ideas finally clicking into place.

Occasionally, when I post a blog, I get responses like, “This is exactly what I was trying to say” or “I couldn’t put my finger on what troubled me about this and this is it.” There is nothing better. It feels amazing to find a way to say what others couldn’t find a way to explain.

I know there are those who write to generate controversy, to stir the pot – but any pot stirring I do is beside the point. Sometimes I end up saying things I am not supposed to say or stumble into controversy and that disrupts things. Sometimes the truth is disruptive.

Disruption isn’t really my goal, however. I feel called to write about things out of a desire to connect – out of hope that I’m not the only one to feel the way I’m feeling. They’re little messages in bottles and when one ends up in someone’s hands and it happens to speak directly to their experience, it feels like success.

It can be a weird, lonely life, this artist’s journey – and I know it helps me when I know I have company, even if it’s only the virtual kind. So I just wanted to say thank you to all the friends, family and patrons who let me know I’m not alone. You’re what keeps me blogging.


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