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Rejection for a Residency and Academic Jobz
September 6, 2016, 10:07 pm
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Three rejections in one… for details about why I’m detailing my rejections, see my note at the end of the post.*

Rejection 1

There must be more people applying for the Albee residency as their rejection letters are getting less and less personal. Or maybe they’re hating my work more and more. This is my third rejection there and the first one was one of the nicest rejection letters I’d seen. The second was still nice – but not QUITE so nice. This one was pretty perfunctory.


Rejection 2

(First of two academic jobz. I’m calling them jobz because it makes me take them less seriously. At first it was a typo but now I love it. )

I applied for a job in Colorado. I really didn’t want to move to Colorado but I was so bizarrely and uniquely qualified for it – and it was very specific and I figured they maybe needed me. And I figured I needed some practice interviewing for an academic professorship. But they probably just had someone else in mind who was even more bizarrely and uniquely qualified for it than me. Academic job descriptions are often written to fit the person they want to hire and I’m guessing that this is one of those. I mean, one of my recommendations came from someone friendly with the people doing the hiring. I feel like that alone should have gotten me an interview. But I got a rejection notice.


Rejection 3

Oh Academic Jobs! You are such a pain in the ass to apply for. You take so much time and effort. You make my colleagues, friends and mentors write new letters in support of me. You sometimes even make me re-type my CV into your format. I’m also not sure I want you. I mean – it seems like it would help my artistic life to have a steady academic gig – but your environments tend to be toxic and the ones that are available are not convenient to my life.

 But I keep applying. The latest rejection was for the Devising position at SUNY Purchase. A job I could do….in a place that would be inconvenient.


Rejection Declaration

I’m pretty sure I’m done applying for academic jobs. So unless I get some rejections for positions I don’t remember applying for, these should be the last academic rejection posts.


*Wondering why I’m telling you about all these rejections? Read my initial post about this here and my patron’s idea about that here.


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