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Stuff I haven’t told you
December 12, 2013, 10:07 pm
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I’m sorry, Readers. I’ve been blogging elsewhere and I haven’t told you. I’ve been writing about the Feldenkrais Method over on my website and not here.

So in case you feel you’ve been missing out, here are links to all of them from most recent to least recent:

Feldenkrais and Clowning

*Feldenkrais Has Made me Intolerant


A Whole New You

Learning Until the End: Feldenkrais for the Dying

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What I wish American Theatre would learn from the Brits (#6)

#6 Openness for Writers

Anyone can send a play to almost any theatre that does new writing in the UK. Mostly, they’ll also write you back and tell you what they thought. They will not send you a standard rejection letter. They will reference specific things in your play that indicate that they have actually read it. Just try that at an established American theatre.

You absolutely have to read this article by Allan Katz about this. It’s genius.\”Just Dying to Get that Play Produced\”

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