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No More Muses
October 20, 2016, 9:29 pm
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Warning: Sweary Feminist Rant Ahead. If you object to swears, hold your ears.

Fuck muses. I’m done with reading about fucking muses. Not the Actual Muses, not Terpsichore or Erato. I could read about them all day. But the goddamn muses who inspired the Great Painters and Giants of Literature and whatnot.

I have not always felt this way. It used to be my fantasy to have some dude paint me or write a song about me. But no more. I grew up. And now I say: fuck that. Fuck being a damn muse.

See, this is how it went down, see? I’m at the gorgeous, peaceful, beautiful, intelligent Picasso Museum and I keep reading title cards and each one is about a new goddamn muse. His cubist muse. His ceramic muse. His last muse. Fuck that noise. Fuck it. Here we are celebrating the glorification of an intense objectification that allows generations to fetishize the women Picasso found attractive. I’m just done with this.

I mean Picasso found women’s bodies attractive. Cool. I’m cool with that. But he also found goats attractive and we don’t call them his muses. They’re the SAME in this context. So fuck muses. I never want to read about another goddamn muse again. Unless, it’s something like: “Here we have Frida Kahlo’s muse. It’s herself, okay? She’s her own goddamn muse. She doesn’t need a fucking muse because she’s a badass who can come up with her shit all by herself.“

No more muses. My new manifesto.


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